Locating and Repairing

Pool Leak Detection

Over time, pools can wear out and deteriorate causing them to get cracks or leaks in the liner, plumbing, lights and various other places. We have the resources and techniques needed to detect where these leaks are and fix them for you so you don’t have to, and it is well worth the fix.

Through the use of specialized electronic equipment, SCUBA, and trade techniques, we are able to locate and repair any type of leak. Whether it is in the skimmers, pipes, equipment, accessories, steps, liner or the pool shell. We can also perform a pressure test and repair the plumbing to ensure your leak detection problem has been solved.

Usually, we recommend pool leak detection if the pool is losing at least 1/2 inch of water per day. If you are losing less than that, it may be too little to detect if you have a leak. We recommend checking the obvious sources such as leaking backwash valves before commencing leak detection.

Do I have a leak?

Before you call for service, there are a few steps you can take to help determine if you have a leak in your pool.

Check Equipment

Check around your pool equipment area. There should not be water dripping or flowing from your equipment, it should be dry. If you see water flowing from the pump, valves, heater, or filter, you need to have it properly repaired.


If you have a sand filter or a DE filter, you have either a multiport valve or a push pull valve. Check this valve for leaks. If the backwash port of the valve is pre-piped, find the end of the pipe, and with the pool running in filter mode, check to see if any water is leaking from the end of the pipe. Water leaking from the pipe indicates that you need to have the valve repaired or replaced.

Pumping off the winter cover

Another common loss of pool water is pumping rain water off the winter cover. If there is a hole, or a series of small holes in the winter cover, they will allow the pool water trough the top of the winter cover. As you pump the water off the top, you are inadvertently pumping out the pool water as well. If you are the least bit suspicious that this might have occurred, just refill the pool, mark it and watch the level for a day or so after it is uncovered.


A common source of water loss is evaporation. Water evaporation occurs at different rates in different pools. Evaporation rate is contingent on water temperature, wind velocity, humidity, water movement, water features and other factors. A good test to determine water loss is the “bucket test”. The bucket test exposes water in a bucket to the same conditions as your pool. By comparing the water loss in the bucket and the pool, you can determine if the pool is leaking or if it is just normal evaporation.

Bucket Test

If you do find you are losing water, don’t stop there. Do the same test with the PUMP OFF and compare the results of the two tests.
There is one last step you can do yourself before shelling out your hard-earned money. Plug the pool returns and the skimmers with the winter plugs and close ALL valves and take the lid off the pump. This will isolate the plumbing from the pool. Wait a day and see if the water level dropped from the mark. If it didn’t, the remove 1 return plug and wait a day. If no water loss, then remove another, and so on. If your returns are all piped together, then move on to the skimmer after removing the 1st plug. If you remove one and the level drops, then that may be the bad line. There are still some variables with this test. Depending on how it is plumbed and there is a bottom drain, this test may not be accurate.
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Aqua Ducks has over 30 years of expertise in pool liner service including pool liner installation and replacements. Every one of our liners are custom fit and made to order. Your liner isn’t sitting on a stock shelf for a couple of seasons waiting to be sold. We measure your pools exact dimensions and our local suppliers use a combination of computer assisted technology and hand craftsmanship to assure an exceptional fit and a perfect pool liner installation. Click the button to learn more.

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