Over time, pools can wear out and deteriorate causing them to get cracks or leaks in the liner, plumbing, lights and various other places. We have the resources and techniques needed to detect where these leaks are and fix them for you so you don’t have to, and it is well worth the fix.

Through the use of specialized electronic equipment, SCUBA, and trade techniques, we are able to locate and repair any type of leak. We can perform whether it is in the skimmers, pipes, equipment, accessories, steps, liner or the pool shell. We can detect and repair leaks in pool lights. We can also perform a pressure test and repair the plumbing to ensure your leak detection problem has been solved.

Usually, we recommend pool leak detection if the pool is losing at least 1/2 inch of water per day. If you are losing less than that, it may be too little to detect if you have a leak. We recommend checking the obvious sources such as leaking backwash valves before commencing leak detection.

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Leak Detection & Repairs

AquaDucks performs leak detection and repair on all types of pools for customers.

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