Safety covers are an important part of keeping your pool clean and secure. Having a watersafety coversbag style cover with children or pets in the family is a dangerous combination. A child or pet can easily become enveloped in that style cover. Aside from the safety aspect of it, come springtime, tarp style covers are full of dirt, water and debris.

AquaDucks are experienced in designing, measuring and installing custom safety covers. You can be assured of a perfect fit and a professional installation. These covers are not sitting on a warehouse shelf somewhere hoping for a new home. Every cover is measured and MADE specifically for your pool. You can rest easy, knowing that your pool will be secure. Your covers provide a safe barrier for your children and pets, unlike an old tarp and water bag type cover.

Not all safety covers are created equal…beware of shopping for price only, especially on the Internet. It can wind up costing you more in shipping, installation, maintenance, heartache, and replacement in a few years.

A mesh cover is easy to put on and take off. It is lighter, self-drying and debris tends to blow off of it. It remains tightly stretched across the pool. Because it is MESH it lets the sunlight through. If you open later in the season, your water may start to turn green, unless you treat the water at first thaw with an algaecide.

A solid cover is heavy and more difficult to put on and take off. Also will need to be dried for storage. It requires a cover pump or drain panel. Because of the weight, it can easily be damaged if dragged across the deck.

The SmartMesh is new and exclusive to our supply company. The tight safety coversweave of the SmartMesh material filters nearly the same as a sand filter. It has all the benefits of the mesh covers, plus it blocks 100% of the sunlight giving you the advantages of a solid cover. You will open with clear water, saving you time and money on chemicals. This cover by far is our most popular selection.

Safety covers are installed by drilling brass fittings into the pool deck that hold the cover in place during the winter. Then it will retract into the deck during the pool season.