Owner’s Responsibilities

PRIOR to CLOSING – Please make sure:

  • There is power to the pump and service outlets
  • The winterizing plugs, water bags and pool cover are on the pool deck
  • The hose spigot is turned on and garden hose is available
  • The pool deck and equipment areas are clear of clutter and animal feces.
  • Weeds, brambles, ornamental grasses, and bushes are trimmed away from pool deck edges and equipment areas
  • Water level needs to be lowered to 4-5” below skimmer (tile), unless vacuum is specified.
  • Pool needs to be cleaned. Pool will be closed AS IS UNLESS vacuum is specified.
  • Access gates and equipment room doors are UNLOCKED

If a scheduled date is confirmed and the customer does not have items agreed upon ready, customer contact will be attempted. If contact is unsuccessful, then necessary items will be provided for a reasonable cost.

A $95.00 service charge will apply if work cannot be completed and/or a return trip is needed.

Pool Closing Service Includes

  • Blow and clear all lines of water and plugging returns, skimmers, and airlock bottom drain
  • Drain pumps of water
  • Drain filter
  • Drain chlorinator/inspect salt cell
  • Remove handrails and ladders
  • Secure power at the pump panel
  • Place and secure winter cover (standard placement) *Cable Systems and separate Spa covers are subject to an additional charge. (See option list.) (No discount for putting the cover on yourself)
  • Notate any issues or concerns

Price: $330.00

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    Pool Questions
    Type of Pool: PlasterVinyl-linerPaintFiberglassNot Sure

    Type of Pool Cover: Mesh SafetySolid SafetySolid with WaterbagsNot Sure

    Type of Filter: SandCartridgeDE/PowerNot Sure

    Type of Sanitation: Salt Chlorine GeneratorBiguanideChlorineOzone/Ultra VioletNot Sure

    Extras - Please check services you would like performed.

    *$80.00: CLOSING CHEMICAL KIT We only add our own chemicals to the pool. If you wish to use your own chemical kit, then you must add the chemicals PRIOR to our scheduled arrival day.
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    $ / pound: Additional Chemicals to balance water chemistry ie: pH, Alk, Calcium hardness$10.00 each addition pump other than main pool pump + 1 water feature pump$20.00: Winterize Heater / Heat Pump / Solar per unit$45.00/30 mins 30 min minimum: Pool pump down / lower water level$2.00 a lineal foot: Safety Cover with cable system. (around rock ledge, falls, grottos, etc)$8 / 16.00 ea.: Replace stripped or broken pop-ups for safety covers$8.00 ea.: Water Bags 8’ double tube NEW REPLACEMENTS (filled)$2.00 ea.: Water Bags Filled (yours)$30.00: Pressure wash D.E. Filter Grids$45.00: Pressure wash Cartridge Style Filters$25.00: Spa closing or more than 4 total returns in pool$30.00/20 mins 20 min minimum: Vacuum what is visible$10.00: Diving Board Removal$25.00/ft: Bead Repair Liner out of track$10.00 each: Water Feature ie: Slide, fountain, waterfall, deck jets

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    * Customer agrees to the replacement of parts as needed to complete closing. i.e.: Valves, Seals, O-Rings, Baskets, return fittings, DE grids, etc. Not to exceed a retail of $80.00 without authorization.
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